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  • What does AgileAlgo mean?
    We believe that Human and Machine can do the same job (ultimately.. in our context), just how fast and accurate. We understand that businesses need systems that are agile. We will use Agile. No price for guessing what "Algo" means. We exist because of the algorithms. Anyway, it doesn't hurt that the company name starts with the letter "A".
  • How can we help?
    AgileAlgo is established to help companies deal with the lack of Data Science and IT resources. We focused on applying deeptech in the space of Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering. We solve the issue through an automated written requirements-to-code approach. We use written requirements, which all projects should have, and interpret them automatically to get to the required codes. We are an enabler and an accelerator to AI development. We use AI to create AI. We can create an Inference Engine in 5 mins (we are happy to demonstrate that!). We have developed a platform that makes it simple for companies to use and through training to self-service and help themselves thus keeping the cost of such development low. Our platform supports Graph Neural Networks, Big Data Analytics, Natural language processing, computer vision techniques, and most popular algorithms in the market.
  • How do we do it?
    Our platform is built using various AI techniques including Natural Language Processing for the written requirements and Graph Neural Networks to infer which requirement is associated to which codes. We apply the same technology that we are offering to you, on ourselves. Currently, we support 150 different user story types that could be combined to provide for various cases. We support Graph Inference, Big Data Analytics Algorithms, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing algorithms, and combinations of data engineering use cases. We commit to our customers that if a user story type is not available on our platform and if there are available codes on GitHub, we will include these stories in a few days. We are committed to help our client accelerate their self-service development process.
  • Why are we unique?
    We can create an inference engine in a few minutes. This shows our agility to accelerate any development work on AI use cases We focus on Graph Neural Network, which is a deeptech technique, to create our inference engines We use a written language approach to code generation. As a good practice, all projects need written requirements. These requirements will be interpreted through our engine for the relevant codes We automatically integrate requirements to code. This is not available anywhere else.
  • Are you hiring?
    Absolutely. We are looking for Data Scientists and Developers currently. If you think you have the right aptitude to constantly think out-of-the-box and good at what you do. Do write to us.
  • Where is the company from?
    We are incorporated and headquartered in Singapore.
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