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Graph Ontology

Training Course Recommendation Ontology

An Ontology is a set of concepts or categories within one subject matter or domain that show properties of entities as well as their relationships to one another. In the case of Graph Neural Networks, ontologies allow data to be semantic.

In computer and information science, ontology is a technical term denoting an artifact that is designed for a purpose, which is to enable the modelling of knowledge about some domain. Artificial intelligence has retained the most attention regarding ontology in subfields like natural language processing within machine translation and knowledge representation.

For instance, in the space of Learning and Training Recommendation, an ontology may look like the following:

An ontology language is a formal language used to encode an ontology. There are a number of such languages for ontologies, both proprietary and standards-based. For VSI, we use the Web Ontology Language (OWL) for our Ontology design and input. The OWL format is a family of knowledge representation languages for authoring ontologies. Tools like ( ) and/or WebVOWL ( ) are available to document the ontology design of your domain.

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