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How to Add User Stories 

To add user stories, go to your project page and click on the "Add Story" button:

This loads up a menu where you can add an Epic or a User Story.

To add an Epic, type it in the bar and then click on "Create New Epic", and then "Add Epic Story".

This will load a pop-up that asks if you want the system to recommend user stories for your given Epic.

If you click on "Yes", the platform will automatically add the user stories corresponding to your chosen Epic.
In this example, it has added user stories corresponding to sentiment analysis.
You may further modify these user stories to better suit your use case.

Alternatively, you can add User Stories directly on the "User Story" tab.

​This allows you to add the User Story in a structured format, by choosing your desired story from a drop-down list.

Alternatively, you may choose to add the user story in free text by toggling the "Free Text" switch.

Click on the "Add User Story" button to add the story to your Backlog.

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