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Use Cases

Your Application

Many applications are still transactional in nature. Smart end points can be rapidly deployed to make applications smarter. Smart end points could be a prediction, inference, recommendation engine or seach or smarter error handling or workflow handling. Small and simple use cases that are too costly to deploy with previous approaches can be provided today with our platform.

Organisation with Data Science team

Major End Users have their Data Science Team but still lack capacity to support the increasing demand for AI by business units. We offer augmentation of Angel to create the simpler AI use cases and leave the complex AI use cases to the human data science team. Platform could be used for AI Code Governance.

For System Integrators
VSI Platform.png
Virtual System Implementer Platform

We can work with business partners to whitelabel our solution to offer the partners' end client. Partners will be enabled to deliver the AI use cases for their customers with ease.

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