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AgileAlgo and SelfDrvn collaborate to use GenerativeAI to transform digital employee experience

11 May 2023

AgileAlgo and SelfDrvn announced a go-to-market partnership agreement to transform everyday employee experience and gamification with Generative AI.

  • Many organisations have developed their digital systems but lack the smartness that AI can bring. According to Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, less than 3.3% of Singapore companies have adopted AI in 2021.


  • Currently, many organisations believe that AI requires large amounts of data and algorithm tuning to provide for a single use case. LargeAI models requires vast amounts of training data and supervision over.

  • With AgileAlgo's platform, the incorporation of Generative AI is accelerated to enable AI use cases that previously may be too costly or time consuming.

  • The delivery concept is to use GenerativeAI, the ability to use natural language to quickly get to the AI code. The use case can be created in hours or days and many such use cases can be created.

  • Similar to chatGPT, which is a generativeAI to get to a body of coherent text, AgileAlgo seeks to use natural language to get to an AI use case.

"We are partnering AgileAlgo to utilise GenerativeAI techniques to accelerate the incorporation of AI into the many facets of user experience on SelfDrvn platform. Using AI at scale, our employee experience solution will further simplify supervision and self-management by getting more value out of organizational and people data",

said Lam Mun Choong, Founder and CEO, SelfDrvn Enterprise.

“The business case for AI development has changed. Delivering AI using natural language will create everydayAI at speed. Every digital system deserves the smartness that AI can bring to significantly improve the digital user experience and to fulfil transactional tasks”,

said Tony Tay, CEO, AgileAlgo.

In collaboration between AgileAlgo and SelfDrvn, the partnership will see SelfDrvn leveraging AgileAlgo’s Virtual Data Scientist platform for rapid development and deployment of Generative AI capabilities. As part of the partnership,  AgileAlgo will also provide mentoring and training to up-skill SelfDrvn’s product team to harness the power of AgileAlgo’s AutoAI Platform.

About AgileAlgo 

Found in 2019, AgileAlgo provides a Platform-as-a-Service to support companies to deliver codes using a language driven approach. AgileAlgo seeks to address the problem of insufficient engineers and data scientists to support development work. We harness deeptech in the space of Software Engineering to augment a company’s system engineering work. We focus on AI use cases. We envision using AI to create AI, System to create System. Our platform supports data engineering, AutoML and AIOps capability. We allow our clients to self-service using natural language to get their AI use cases, thus supporting scaling, speed to market and cost optimisation for their everydayAI needs.

About SelfDrvn 

Founded in 2015, SelfDrvn is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that helps organizations create a self-managed, outcome-driven workforce through effective collaboration, gamification and behavioral analytics. Our mission is to enable a world where employee wellbeing is synonymous to company success, and their growth is a testament that this is possible with the right balance between technology innovation and behavioral science.

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